Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Argent, Articles and Arrivals

Today has been an almighty win of a day, my favourite for quite a while.

My Erasmus cheque arrived at my house meaning that I’m now substantially richer than I was, my parcel from home containing some books that I needed for my dissertation arrived in my pigeonhole at school along with my new photocopy code from the school and (most excitingly for me) the National Theatre Book Shop put my article on understudies published in SUSU’s The Edge entertainment magazine in their daily news update alongside articles from The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Stage. This is the biggest share I’ve ever had and, even better, I didn’t solicit it at all. Wherever they found the piece, I’m very glad they did – it made my day.

I managed to upload my photos of Le Havre to Facebook for the first time today at Coty (apologies if you can’t see my Facebook but there are just too many pictures to put on my blog). It’s nice that I can now begin to share some of the things that I’ve been doing and seeing with the people back home.

Today was my first day in class at my principal lycée. I attended a DNL class on clothes retailing with a lovely teacher and the students seem lively which creates a much better atmosphere than when they’re all half-asleep. I did a small introductory presentation and one group of girls wanted to know how I fit in my degree, two jobs and societies – a fair question and one which I’m not completely sure I know the answer to! On the way home I met a few of my students – it’s good that I’m getting to know people, it makes me feel a lot more settled.

Although I haven’t written a full blog for it, yesterday was also awesome. I met up with some other English assistants (Sam, Grace and Alex) and we followed the beach to its end in St Adresse where we stopped for a drink at the ‘End of the World’ bar. It was a really nice, chilled day.

Tomorrow I have training near Rouen. I have a feeling that it may be a fairly long day (students don’t do full working days) but hopefully it’ll be very useful. À plus tard!

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  1. They're not the only ones who wonder how you fit everything in to your day! All the photos are great, keep them coming :-) x