Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Day the Nerves Struck...

...Or yesterday, as it's also known.

Up to that point, as discussed in my last post, I'd been a bit too cool for school about the whole 'emigrating to another country for 9 months' thing. It hadn't phased me. Life was good.

The first thing that set me on edge was having not received my grant cheque even though everyone else that I spoke to had received theirs last week. I now know that it's because the uni haven't posted it yet (that's a whole other story) but being £300 down did temporarily cause a lot of panic.

Anxiety is a bit like a tube of Pringles - once you pop, you just can't stop - and from this point, the fact that a delivery of clothes for taking abroad was late, a LONG email of (I admit, actually quite helpful) information from the British Council and my ever-increasing 'To Do' list took my day from bad to worse. In the evening, I watched a TV show and thought 'That was good, I'll put a reminder on for next week's episode'. I then realised that I won't actually be in next Tuesday night, mainly because I'll have moved to France.

While copious amounts of green tea, my brilliant friends and a pretty good French film did stop me from totally stressing out, yesterday wasn't very fun. It was the inescapable nature of the year abroad that got to me, the fact that everywhere I turned, it was all I could see.

The year abroad has completely taken over my life and quite rightly so - it's an important time and there's a lot of preparation to be done that I can't hide from. That's why I've woken up today determined to be positive, to remember all of the reasons the move excites me and to carry on getting stuff done. So far, so good!

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